Monday 7th August 2017

We didn’t see or hear from Isabelle until 10:45 this morning!!! We were so shocked she slept for that long but it did her the world of good as she was loads better and her stutter wasn’t as prominent – sleep definitely plays a big part in how her speech is the next day, if only she would listen to us when we tell her that, instead of coming up and down the stairs every night until 9 or 10pm with every excuse under the sun. *sigh* 

I’m glad Belles better today but oh my god I felt awful! My head was pounding all day and was just getting worse and worse as the day went on so obviously this affected my mood and I didn’t feel the happiest person in the world. 

For the best part of the day I slept and rested for most of it because I couldn’t actually think straight through the pain of my head.

By about 7ish I was downstairs on my own, Belle was in bed and Che was on the Xbox in the man cave on his own as Zak went home Sunday after the carnival.                   The pain in my head was unreal, I have headaches ALOT but this one was something else!! I couldn’t help but cry because it hurt so much, my left eye kept going blurry and I was seeing black dots in front my eye and the left side of my face kept tingling and felt numb. Che came downstairs and made sure I was ok, I decided to go to bed around 8pm to try and sleep it off but I couldn’t get to sleep since the neighbours down the road were being noisy as usual! So I just rested with a cold bottle on my head and messaged my mum for most of the evening until about 11pm. I come downstairs as i felt a little better and made some milk and toast and caught up with eastenders before going back up to bed for the night. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel abit more human.

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