Sunday 6th August 2017

Today was Carnival time for Isabelle where she got to be on the open top double decker bus with the mayor’s and the other little girls who were also mini misses. 

She wore her new pink dress, pink and black polka dot heels we bought her back from Ibiza last year and a white glittery shrug as the day started off a little cold. I done her hair half up and half down with curls and a little white bow clip, she looked beautiful (of course). My mood was actually pretty good for a change, I felt anxious and stressed but that was to be expected! My brother, Chris, went with Belle on the bus as she wanted Che and I to watch her. 

When the carnival started and Belles float come by, I was so proud of her! My Mum, Dad, Jo, Natalie (Che’s sister), Zak and Tarik (our other nephew/Zaks younger brother), Che and I were all there waving, smiling, taking pictures and videos of Isabelle as she come by. It was so nice to see her so happy, waving and smiling to such a big crowd of people. I’ve never seen her so happy and confident infront of so many people for a long time, this has given her the confidence boost she has very much needed. 

Once the carnival was over I went to meet Isabelle and Chris outside Dreamland, Chris went home and Isabelle and I went into the hall with all the carnival princesses and mini misses. There was abit of a wait between dinner and disco so we were told we could go for a walk about to kill some time. After walking about for 10 minutes, Belle started feeling poorly and wanted to go home. We left and got home where Belle took herself to bed almost instantly, we didn’t hear from her until 10pm when she went to use the toilet and then she went straight back to sleep. Fingers crossed she feels better in the morning!

My day in general was pretty good but tiring and stressful. I’m so proud of Isabelle for today and for having the confidence to take part in the carnival, I managed to get some good pictures of her so we will always have that memory there to look back on.

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