Thursday 17th August 2017

Today was a very chilled and relaxed day, something that was well needed. My mum and dad picked up Isabelle and took her and the kids over to Westwood Cross for the day as they had an event on, which included face painting, dancing squads, bands, Disney characters and face painting. 

While Belle was out I didn’t do much other than just rest and relax as having bad days really do take it out of me. I like a game of online bingo occasionally, so I decided to try a new site for a change, well I’m glad I did because I won a nice amount!! Which will be a deposit towards a holiday next year with some left over. It was so unexpected, I honestly couldn’t believe it! 

Belle arrived home just before her bedtime and I was in the bath, so Che got her ready for bed and settled her down. We had a pretty chilled evening and just watched TV and relaxed. My mood in general for the day was ok and was better than it has been for awhile, I think talking and crying to my mum has really helped to sort my head out. It’s something I need to learn to do more of and not keep things to myself.

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