Not a conscious choice…

Recently I’ve not thought too much about what’s happend to Peter. It hasn’t been a conscious choice to not think about it, it’s been my minds way of handling it I think. With it being half term this week the days have been spent with Isabelle which means I don’t have the time to think things over or to really express any emotion until the evening.

Once Isabelle is bed it’s almost like I can finally breathe again….a sigh of relief. It’s not because she’s been naughty or because she’s done my head in, far from it. It’s because I don’t have to hold in my emotions or stop myself from crying anymore like I have done during the day. I know others would think it’s a silly way of handling things but as I said before it wasn’t a conscious choice it’s just happend this way.

I expect my way of handling everything will change once again next week when Isabelle is back at school.

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