❤W E L O V E Y O U❤

❤ 💜 W E L O V E Y O U 💜 ❤

I am so proud of Che (@mr_scorch) and I’m incredibly lucky to have him in my life.
Since Peter died in January this year, Che has been a huge support to me and Isabelle. The night we found out about Peter, he held me while I cried my heart out and hugged me while my heart was breaking. He helped me decide when and how to tell Isabelle the heartbreaking news. He took over the day to day things so I could come to terms with it all and try to rest up.

Now onto the most important and amazing part, the part which really warms my heart.
Che is a brilliant dad to Isabelle anyway but this year he has really gone above and beyond to help heal his little princesses broken heart and make her smile again.

Che has been helping Isabelle think of all different ways how she can remember Peter and giving her comfort when she’s needed it the most. He’s gone out of his way to do absolutely anything and everything he can to make sure she’s happy and to ensure she never forgets Peter.

Personally, I think it takes a seriously strong person to be able to push aside their own thoughts and feelings about someone to be able to offer support and help heal and give comfort to someone else whose heart has been truly broken. This year has shown Che’s huge strength of character and says SO much about him as a person.

I have absolutely no idea how Isabelle and I would’ve coped without Che this year. So thank you for my darling for everything you’ve done for us this year, for all of the love, support, wiping away our tears and giving us endless hugs. We appreciate you and love you more than you will ever understand or realise. Thank you for picking up the pieces and continuing to do so.

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