❤ A Note To My Love ❤

Always remember this!

It doesn’t matter who they are if they can’t accept you for you or even begin to try and understand your ways then they aren’t worth knowing or bothering about.
It sickens me knowing there are people out there who have actually tried to use you for their own nasty, sick and twisted entertainment and those who misunderstand you, who are quick to try and bring you down and are happy to try and tarnish your decent reputation out of spite and jealousy but will never make the effort to really get to know you properly.

Then there’s those who look down their noses at you because you don’t wear a suit and tie everyday because you dress for comfort and your job doesn’t require you to wear fancy clothes everyday or you’ve just been doing manual/labour work and not had time to change before picking up Isabelle. Let’s not forgot those whose opinions dramatically changed of you the second they found out you’re Isabelles “step dad” (I hate that term!!). Those people will NEVER matter because the difference between you and them is that you’re actually there for Isabelle, you’re always fighting her corner, showing her insane amounts of love, you spend quality time with her as often as you can, you’re the over protective but fun loving daddy, you’re always there for events which aren’t just important to us but that are important to her too.

You’re giving Isabelle such lovely, happy and special memories of her with her daddy, ones she will always remember and cherish for the rest of her life! Your presence is worth so much more than any toy or amount of money you could ever throw at her. She will quickly outgrow her toys but she will never out grow her daddy and she will never forget all those special memories between you both.

You’re such a special dad for so many reasons but you’re a dad with Aspergers. As well as having to deal with your own thoughts, feelings and emotions that Aspergers bring, you are also coping with negativity from those who don’t and refuse to understand Autism. Despite all of that you still manage to help bring up such a loving, kind, clever, thoughtful, respectful, funny, polite and beautiful little girl.
I would love to see those who are so spiteful about you try to parent and cope with life as brilliantly as you do because the truth of the matter is that they wouldn’t last 5 minutes in your shoes!

The people who are ignorant and small minded towards you are the ones who are truly missing out on knowing such a lovely, kind, happy, gentle, funny, generous, will help anyone out, loving man. Anyone who does know you properly will definitely agree with me.

I am proud and lucky to have you in my life, I am proud to call you Isabelles daddy and I’m proud to call you my partner… Aspergers and all.

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