🌞 Summer Holidays πŸŒž

🌞 Summer Holidays 🌞

Year 5 finished on Wednesday for Isabelle, which means a whole 6 weeks of family time with her. ☺☺

Like every year, we took her on a shopping spree after the last day of term and this time it was to good old Primark. She is changing and growing up really fast, so we let her pick every item of clothing herself and much to her amazement, we said yes to everything! βœ…

Her style is very different to what it used to be, she’s SOOO over pink and unicorns πŸ™„. It’s all about a grown up, smart style now. The look she’s going for is very similar to Carrie Hope Fletcher (Tom from McFlys sister).
She chose a pair of glasses just for fashion purposes but of course, she couldn’t WAIT to put them on. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Isabelle has had a massive confidence boost since she had her hair cut, got a whole new wardrobe and now has a decent group of friends behind her. She even told us that she is glad she moved on from her old friendship group because they just made her miserable and never gave anything back to her.
I’m really proud of how she is able to recognise toxic relationships so early on and that it’s ok to walk away from them no matter who it is. I feel confident that she will make good relationship choices as she grows older, whether it be friends, family or boyfriend/girlfriend. ❀❀❀

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