🌎 World Mental Health Day 2020 πŸŒŽ

🌎 World Mental Health Day 2020 🌎

I’ve never been shy about talking about mental health and my own experiences with it and I will keep on doing so because there is absolutely no shame in talking about how you feel at all.

The last few weeks my life has changed in a big way and for the better. I’m grateful and happy that something I’ve worked so hard for these last 4 years is finally taking off but wow, my mood in general has been terrible.
I’ve not felt myself at all. I’ve felt numb, miserable for no real reason, wanting to cry all the time, lack of motivation for a lot of things, feel like I’m failing as a parent, a frumpy uncool mum, I’m a joke, boring and an embarrassment.

Usually, I KNOW I’m none of those things but lately my mind has been a complete bitch to me. I’m calling this the covid affect because let’s be honest, that isn’t helping anyone at the moment.
I’m grateful for Che because he’s listened to me talk about how I’ve been feeling. Talking is one of the most important things you can do if you’re not feeling yourself mentally. The biggest and most hardest step is starting that conversation but believe me, once you do, it will feel like a massive weight has been lifted and you will be on that path to feeling like you again.

My inbox is open to anyone who might need a friendly ear to listen to them. I can’t take away your problems but I can definitely listen to you and try to help in some way. 😘

It’s my birthday tomorrow so it WILL be a good day and the start of a new happier and positive week. 🀩🀩🀩

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