I’ve been a bit quiet on here lately and that’s because I have been insanely busy with my business which will be launching soon, taking courses, life in general and of course my local trail group which is now at over 5k members! 予

My life in general has taken a complete turn around! So many positive things have happened and the future is looking positive too.

I feel incredibly lucky to be in the position I’m in at the moment but also very greatful for how my life has changed for the better and the opportunities which have presented themselves. I’ve cut the negativity and drama from my life which has resulted in a much more happier, stress free and positive lifestyle for my family and I.

I’ve recently started on the first part of a course which ties everything together that I’ve worked on over the past 4 years. I finished and passed that course on Sunday!

I started the second part of the course Monday night and I had to force myself to stop because I needed to sleep. 不
It won’t be long until I finish it and to then put my own spin on my workshops.

My business is so close to launching, I’ve had Butterflies in my belly for days with nerves and excitement!!
I honestly can’t wait to be able to help children with their mental health and to be able to give them the tools they need to help themselves and to create a mindful moment when they need it the most. 手

I never thought I’d get to this moment but I’m here and I’m proud.
I’m proud of myself for carrying on and for finally getting the courage and the kick from Che to take the final steps towards doing what I set out to do 4 years ago! 予予

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