❤ Social Media and Dieting ❤

Let’s start with Social media…

Since September I’ve been crazy busy managing a Facebook group I made which has over 5.5K members! Something I definitely wasn’t expecting when I first started it.

Anyway, as well as being on Facebook quite a lot, I’ve also been setting up my business, which also requires me being on social media.

I’ve also found myself scrolling on Instagram for no proper reason. It’s something we’ve all been guilty of doing and probably more so now with us being in lock down. 😬 😬

The more I scrolled the more I noticed the same type of posts over and over again from various different people. Baking, Walks, Art stuff, seeing Father Christmas (before tier 4 hit us) etc.. It started to become a bit too much and I ended up comparing myself to every parent on social media and convinced myself I was a shit parent because I wasn’t doing enough. Actually I was doing more than enough because my daughter is happy on zoom most days chatting and laughing with her now best friend, who she wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for the first lock down! They’re both hoping to go to the same secondary school which would be lovely as all I ever hear is positive things about her friend and laughter every day. I don’t know how they don’t run out of things to say, honestly, they’re such little chatter boxes. 😂😂

I don’t NEED to be doing all of those activities to keep my daughter happy. She isn’t on her devices all the time, we do, do some activities together, though it’s not as much as I’d like lately but that’s ok! My main concern is that she is happy and she is. 😁😁

Now on to Dieting… 🤣🤣

It is rare for anyone to hear me complain about my weight. That’s not because I’m a perfect size, I’m far from it but I’m happy with my body. I’m a bigger woman and I’m pretty confident with how my body is, however, I never used to be! When I was younger I used to HATE being curvy whilst everyone else was stick thin. 🙄

It’s taken me years to have a positive view of my body, it’s something I’ve always quietly worked on because I feel that anything to do with your own body should be done for you and no one else. It is you who has to live with it so why shouldn’t you love your size? It’s usually other peoples views, opinions and social media which causes us to have a negative view about ourselves isn’t it? Yet, what most people forget is that many people photo shop their pictures or use filters in nearly every picture. I’m one of those who doesn’t because I’m happy with myself and the way I see it is if you don’t like what you see then simply don’t look!

I’ve been relatively lucky to not have many negative things said to me about my body or what I look like to my face. I’m sure people have said things behind my back and that’s ok, they’re entitled to their opinion. What others think of my body isn’t my business. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I believe I’ve not had many negative things said to me because I’m confident in my own body and it’s likely that it shows on the outside. Most people generally pick up on others weaknesses and can tell by the way someone carries themselves about how they feel about themselves. It’s easy to pick on and be horrible to someone who looks insecure and uncomfortable within themselves but it’s a lot more difficult to do to someone who is happy and confident with themselves.

I don’t diet. Ever. I try to eat properly and It’s rare I will even say the word diet, especially around my daughter because I don’t want her to have a negative view and relationship with food. So far it has worked well and she makes healthy balanced food choices on her own.

If I want chocolate I will have it, if I want crisps or more recently cake, then I will! I don’t drink (except for one or two at Christmas and when I’m on holiday), I don’t smoke, I don’t take drugs and despite a few health issues, I’m actually pretty healthy! So for as long as I remain healthy and my weight doesn’t cause me to be seriously unhealthy then I will carry on eating properly and not deny myself of anything. Being happy in my own skin has taken me years to achieve and I’m not about to change that for anyone unless it’s for me.

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