Young Creative Minds Club

As most people will know by now, Mental Health is something I’m extremely passionate about. Especially children’s mental health which is why for the past 4 years or so I have been working on my own little project to help children and young people with their mental health and well-being.
I am happy to announce that just before Christmas I finally launched my project ‘Young Creative Minds Club’ 🎉🎉
You can find the page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Facebook: Young Creative Minds Club
Instagram: @Young.Creative.Minds.Club
Twitter: YoungCreativeMC

To find out what it is all about then read on…

If you’re using a mobile device then click the Menu option at the top of this page (with the three horizontal lines) and select Young Creative Minds Club.

If you’re using a laptop then the option to click on Young Creative Minds Club should already be displayed at the top on the menu bar.
When you click on the Young Creative Minds Club option you will be taken to a page which explains what it is all about and how YOU can get involved and even support those who are taking the sessions.

Make sure to follow the pages on all of the social media platforms and share with anyone who you think might benefit from it.

❤ Thank you for reading! ❤

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