My Body – Looking After Myself

On a previous post I spoke about how being happy in my own skin is important and that if I want to change then it should be for me and no one else. That still stands 100% However, just lately I’ve felt really crap about my body.
Since my operation I’ve had to rest a lot and not be as active as I’d like and with that came the extra weight! 😫

I’ve had insatiable cravings for everything bad for me, actually they’ve been so bad they are on par with pregnancy cravings (I’m not pregnant, I just look it at the moment).
Then with my recent health issues I’m not actually allowed to actively lose weight until I’ve finished taking the high dose of medication I’m on.
I am going to try and get rid of these cravings and eat as best as I can because this extra weight I’ve put on hasn’t made me feel my best or as confident in my body as I usually am.

There are other things which I’m doing to make me feel better and get back to my old self again, because I have “let my self go” a bit during my recovery period and I think now is the right time for me to act on those changes.
A few lock downs ago I had a disaster hair cut which I’ve been growing out ever since and now it’s at a reasonable length to have a decent style cut in. 😁
At the moment I’m sporting a Rosemary Shrager (British Chef) hairstyle. My hair is darker and slightly longer than hers but not much and is held back with an Alice band. It suits Rosemary and I’m sure she loves that hairstyle, it’s become her trademark I suppose but for me I’ve had to make the best out of a bad hair situation.
So I’m going to book in and get my hair  cut and coloured AND get my lashes done. 😀
I absolutely deserve it after months of recovery and not feeling my best. I’ve realised there’s nothing wrong with looking after yourself and taking some time out for you in order to feel good about yourself.
I’m calling this my summer glow up. 😎

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