❤ Keep this in mind ❤

❤ Keep this in mind ❤Do the things that make you happy anyway, your happiness should always be number one. What others think of you is none of your business... 😉Remember to follow me on Instagram: @indecisivelibra85Original quote in the picture by: @herupliftingquotes

😃 Young Creative Minds Club Update 😃

Today, I've been working on a basic creative mindfulness programme which I have tailored to the child and their needs. 😃 I'm happy to announce that these sessions are now available to you and your child. Each session will be emailed across to you with an evaluation sheet for you to fill out and send … Continue reading 😃 Young Creative Minds Club Update 😃

🖐 Hi 👋

🖐 Hi 🖐 It feels like forever since I last posted properly on here. Since making the pumpkin trail group my life has gone completely crazy - I'm not even joking! My life has changed a lot. 😀😀 I have been so busy organising the pumpkin trail, the competition, printing colouring sheets, contacting businesses, delivering … Continue reading 🖐 Hi 👋