🌎 World Mental Health Day 2020 πŸŒŽ

🌎 World Mental Health Day 2020 🌎 I've never been shy about talking about mental health and my own experiences with it and I will keep on doing so because there is absolutely no shame in talking about how you feel at all. The last few weeks my life has changed in a big way … Continue reading 🌎 World Mental Health Day 2020 πŸŒŽ

❀ Taken from @mr_scorch on Instagram β€

❀❀ Taken from @mr_scorch on Instagram ❀❀"I'm Part Polish, I'm Jewish, I have a daughter who's part Scottish, part Italian and part Iberian. She has a sister who's part Hungarian. Ange is part Iberian, her biological grandfather was black.My Best Friend and Adopted brother is African and IndianSo with all of that in mind should … Continue reading ❀ Taken from @mr_scorch on Instagram β€