Friday 18th August 2017

Well last night was eventful!! Just sitting watching Celebrity Big Brothers Bit on the side and I heard bangs and smelt burning, given the state of the road I live on, I didn’t think much of it because there’s always some sort of drama going on. Ten minutes later we could see blue lights flashing and sirens, again, that’s normal for our road, but the sirens and blue lights stopped outside. I looked out my window and there was police blocking both ends of the road and a fire engine just across the road from us, no idea what had gone on but the police didnt leave until 5am, so Che and I didn’t get much sleep.

Today we had a family day at Dreamland in Margate, all the kids had wristbands so they could go on everything, they definitely enjoyed themselves. My brother, Chris and his girlfriend, Jo, also came along and got wristbands so they could supervise the kids on the rides. Che and I went into Margate for an hour while everyone was still happily entertained in Dreamland. We ended up in Wimpy along Margate sea front, where we had a cheese burger and a milkshake each, both of which still tasted as good as I remeber. I’m so glad that Wimpy is still open and it was busy! Last time we went, we were the only customers and the owners had said if business doesn’t pick up they would be forced to shut down, so seeing it still open and as busy as it was today was great to see! So if anyone is in Margate and you spot Wimpy open, make sure you give them a visit, you won’t be disappointed!!
We walked back to Dreamland to meet up with everyone again; the kids, Chris and Jo were queuing to go on a ride and my mum and dad had gone to their car for a sit down and rest so we joined them. After the kids, Chris and Jo had gone on their ride they came to the car and it started pissing it down big time and it wasn’t stopping anytime soon so we all agreed it was time to go home. I felt so bad for my mum and dad because it had been their treat to the kids by taking them all to Dreamland today, we had been there for around 5 hours so the kids had, had plenty of time around the park and it was near enough dinner time anyway.

We had my nephew, Jamie, stay the night which was nice. He loves Che’s man cave because it’s full of consoles and his PC. He had a play on the Xbox while Belle played in her room until bedtime. When we told them it was time for sleep and to settle down, they were both brilliant and went straight to sleep with no arguments! 

For some reason, I couldn’t help but feel really down and upset. I felt like it was my fault that the weather turned bad and we had to come home earlier than expected. I felt awful that my mum and dad paid out all that money for the kids wristbands at Dreamland, only for it to start pissing it down 5 hours later. I just felt like everything that went wrong was all my fault.

The rest of the night we relaxed, caught up on TV and went off to bed for hopefully a decent nights sleep as we’re both shattered from such a long day. I hoped I would wake up in a better mood tomorrow and feel better.

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