❤ Taken from @mr_scorch on Instagram ❤

❤❤ Taken from @mr_scorch on Instagram ❤❤

“I’m Part Polish, I’m Jewish, I have a daughter who’s part Scottish, part Italian and part Iberian. She has a sister who’s part Hungarian. Ange is part Iberian, her biological grandfather was black.
My Best Friend and Adopted brother is African and Indian

So with all of that in mind should I just sit by and watch while people around us are being huge racists? At what point in history was it said we should just accept it ?

I’m sick of seeing comments starting with ‘not to sound racist’ or ‘not being funny’
All these people saying get rid of the foreigners but then have the front to say I stand with the NHS you’re a cunt with no brains. The doctor who you go to for check ups or when you’re not feeling good is probably ‘a foreigner’ as you would put it.
Go to the hospital and ask how many of them was born here?
The people who make your take away food again most likely foreigners.
The people at the coffee shops you love to go to, the people who pick the fruit and vegetables on your plate, the people that pack your food… guess what motherfucker! Thats right most likely not born here either!
Just because they wasn’t born into this country does not give you the right to treat them how you want, they are human, we all share this planet after all.

Next time you decide to make a racist comment around me I promise you I’m gonna break your jaw! Then let’s see how much you dislike these foreigners when they are looking after you and treating you.

Honestly just take a second to think about things…

Have you ever been to a different country? Was you treated with respect while you was away sightseeing or traveling by the locals? I am certain you would of been. You know why? Because the majority of the civilised world doesn’t judge you based on where you was born.

So if you’re one of the few who think it’s OK to think like that and behave like that then fuck off you utter twat waffle I don’t want you on my friends list and most importantly I don’t want you around my family.
My family is anyone I call family, my Brothers know who they are!”

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